The leading Spanish consultant in television & audiovisual content with wide reaching international experience since 1993
GECA advises and serves television broadcasters, content producers, institutions and public administrations, universities, political parties, large consulting firms, advertisers, media groups and financial institutions
Specializing in comprehensive audiovisual advice
Dedicated exclusively to television market and production
More than fifty experts in the fifteen of the most important audiovisual markets in the world
A team of specialists in the field of communication
A global knowledge applied to ad hoc solutions
Seeking concrete solutions to specific problems from a multidisciplinary and multivariable perspective
Tools for decision-making
Easy to use online information management systems, which analyze and explain the keys to television, audiences, new formats, financial planning and international audiences

The Leading Audiovisual Consultant

Comprehensive audiovisual consulting: Strategy and Organization, TV Programming and Content

Link TV

Television audience and programming analysis


The international observatory of television programming, shows and trends

Minute by minute TV content

Minute by minute content and audience analysis of TV programs

Personalized Tools

Software designed to suit your needs
Software designed to suit your needs